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Accredited Since: 12/8/2016

Years in Business: 5

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Kimberly W

(5 stars)


I have learned so much with 7k about coins and gold and silver in such a short time. This is an awesome company that has so much to offer. From the Sound money wallet, to member direct pricing, the training they offer, the wide variety of products and so much more! Im excited and thankful to be a part of 7k.

Tina K

(5 stars)


Great company.. I absolutely love helping others invest in themselves and their families

Tom L

(5 stars)


Fast shipping and friendly customer service is just the beginning of what 7k has to offer. Their gold and silver is top of the line, from collectors coins to ***********'s nice knowing I'm receiving manufacturer dealer direct metals that haven't been circulated over and over again on secondary markets. 7k's auto saver program makes saving for the future easy, while also allowing me to earn a commission. I wish I found 7k sooner.

David E

(2 stars)


No customer service. They only have videos. They tell you what great prices you will get but I still after paying them **** purchase silver from another company that I didn't pay ** to!Don't pay ** so you can buy silver that is still more expensive. You get to join this discount club thing. So far I could get the same discount without paying ****!the response will not be to help and make things right. I hate to leave this review but when you cant figure out how to contact a person to get help with questions and disappointments with pricing the truth is the truth.

Mark P

(5 stars)


7k Metals has been such a blessing to my family and I. Their customer service is 2nd to none, and we've have had a lot of experience dealing with customer support and they are truly at the top of their game. The product shipping time is mind blowing compared to other companies we've done business with in the past. The membership without the business opportunity has saved us a ton of money just using it. They have amazing low mintage assets that you can't find anywhere else, and the amazing price point on the dealer direct *********** is untouched. Thank you 7K.************

Kalani L

(5 stars)


So much awesome things to say about 7k! Spent a weekend with the owners of 7K and their families at Salmon River Lodge. I was fortunate to get an invite to an incredible event! God loving people who really care about our successes and well being. My wife and I own and have owned multiple businesses in the 34 years we've together with some success that we're able to live a comfortable lifestyle with our children and grandchildren. Unfortunately with owning your own business, the business usually owns you as most of you who own your own businesses understands. There's rarely an opportunity for retirement within this quadrant of building for your financial future. 7K Metals is offering us with a variety of opportunities to achieve a better quality of life! I wish this was share with me sooner but God always has a plan for us and delay is not denial! 7K Metals, the Co-Founders, Staff, their Families and all the amazing people in 7k that we have met and continue to meet only pushes us to want to share this with everyone we talk to. My Family is in and reaping the benefits of 7k.... You should too!!! Thank You 7k and the entire Team, You are an incredible Family... God Bless

7K Metals LLC Response


We're so glad you were introduced to 7k and made the choice to join us! We look forward to seeing your team grow and achieve success.

Eddie Spears III

(5 stars)


I joined 7k 6 months ago, I wanted to Stack Silver as a way to have some extra financial security. When I received my 1st coin in about 5 days.... I was absolutely impressed with what I received. I took some time to view the video Trainings that were provided and really got some great info that helped me save $ on my outside Silver Purchases....I decided to share the Membership benefits with others and the concept caught on because it made money sense...I went to Utah in May to meet the Companies Leadership and they shared the Vision for the Company..... simply Incredible. I received a 100oz Bar of Silver for reaching one of the Companies Contest valued at $3000 and one of 20 Custom Watches designed for the Top 20 Leaders ! They have consistently delivered on their promises. Its been one of the best Financial moves I ever made. *** ** * Louisiana

7K Metals



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